Pressure Pros is the company to call for Orlando Oil Stain Removal

Pressure Pros is the company to call for Orlando Oil Stain Removal

How to clean you driveway of motor oil

Most homeowners are familiar with the presence of motor oil and tenacious grease stains on driveways. A professional cleaner can efficiently remove these stains using vigorous cleaning methods. Concrete is permeable, and driveway concrete has a different finish than indoor concrete. Oil or grease seeps into the pores of concrete and cracks, making cleaning more difficult. Cleaning extremely damaged concrete driveways or oil marks that have remained on specific places for a long time requires expertise.


The following is the process used by professional concrete cleaners:


Orlando Oil Stain Removal Specialist

To remove new grease or motor oil stains, Pressure Pros utilize a variety of chemical treatments. Cleaning agents and degreasers based on hydrocarbons can be utilized. Before rigorous cleaning, any excess oil or grease that can be touched is removed.

We will use an absorptive material like kitty litter mixed with a powerful solvent.  This will to break down and extract the excess oil or grease for easy cleanup. After that, the kitten litter is rubbed into the stain and allowed to sit for a few hours. The mess is thereafter cleaned away for safe disposal. After that, the oil marks will need to be washed with water and a specific pressure washer detergent. For small grease or oil stains on the driveway, this procedure works well.


We will utilize a more advanced procedure used to remediate huge oil spills in seas and waterways to remove significant oil or grease stains on driveway concrete. This involves the employment of one-of-a-kind single-celled bacteria that eat crude oil and its byproducts. Microorganisms use oxygen and enzymes to break down oil and convert it to carbon dioxide. More microbes are generated as a result of the process, and they continue to consume the oil. They perish when their food (oil) runs out. The end result is an oil-free, clean concrete driveway.

Pressure washing

We use a variety of chemical cleaners to remove fresh grease or motor oil stains. Hydro-carbon-based cleaning agents and degreasers can be used in cleaning. Excess oil or grease that can be touched is first cleaned away before aggressive cleaning follows. For fresh stain is is best to throw kitty litter on it.  This work great because it will absorb the excess oil on the surface. The kitty litter is then rubbed in the stain and left to sit for several hours. then mess is swept away for safe disposal. The oil marks left behind will then need to be cleaned with water and special pressure washer detergent. This method is practical for small grease or oil stains on the driveway. 

We then pressure wash the stain with hot water. 

hot water pressure washing

Orlando Oil Stain Removal

Driveway oil clean up with Kitty Litter

Oil Stain Removal Best Results

Orlando oil stain removal  from the driveway is not an easy task and that is why you should hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for you. You can however prevent constant, costly cleaning by placing cardboard under a parked car that is leaking oil on the driveway. The quicker you have fresh oil or grease stains cleaned from the driveway, the less time and money will be spent on cleaning and the better the results.  Oil stain that have sat for years, can be lightened, but results may vary.